Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a deposit fee upon arrival prior to the service?

Yes, patient’s should be expecting a deposit fee of $150.00 prior to the service. Similar to a security deposit, the money will be returned back to the patient depending on the service price in the end.

What should a patient be prepared to bring upon their appointment?

  • Insurance card/information
  • Photo ID/Driver’s license
  • Deposit fee amount listed above

Is there a consultation fee?

No, consultations are free of charge.

What if a patient has an x-ray or other dental medical records from another doctor?

If a patient has dental records from another office, please call the doctor or dental office and have the information transferred or sent over to our office.

Is insurance required in order to request a service?

No, insurance is not required. Patients with or without insurance are both welcome.

Generally, how long is the Invisalign process for a patient?

Depending on the consultation results and case, some cases take 20 weeks but many range over a span of a year.

What is the deductible amount for a patient and service?

Depends on the insurance type and service provided.